Jesus is at the center of it all. Every word, thought, and deed in the life of our church is rooted in Him. Every gathering is centered on who Jesus is, what He has done, and what He has promised to do.

Word Driven

We trust in the sufficiency and authority of God's Word (the Bible) to be the foundation and guiding compass of our ministry. In leadership, ministry opportunities, moral choices, and even how we engage with culture, we always begin by asking, "What does the Word of God say?" Our goal every week is to make His truth unforgettable. 

Prayer Dependent

Prayer, in its simplest form, is a declaration of dependence on God. Through prayer we acknowledge that we are completely unable to do the work He has called us to. We need Him to re-shape us and develop His heart within us.

Kingdom Focused

Our own personal lives and agendas are way too small to live for! Our focus is on God's glory and the advancement of The Gospel to the ends of the earth. We are committed to pursuing those who have not yet experienced the life transformation that Christ brings and helping them become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose 

To capture the imagination of people far from God and make His truth unforgettable.

What We Believe

We actually have an entire page dedicated to Our Beliefsplease follow the link below.

what we believe